Asset Tracking

Real-time vehicle location data keeps you one step ahead, improving flexibility, response times and providing proof of activity. Reduce risks, fuel bills and administration time while ensuring route compliance.

Route Planning

Plan more efficient routes to improve productivity and turn hours of scheduling time into minutes. Improve run times and keep customers informed of delivery status with SMS alerts.

Compliance & Safety

Track driver behaviour to improve compliance with safety regulations and protect your business and reputation. Get a detailed understanding of the movement of vehicles, drivers and on-site workers.

Remote Workers

Keep lone or remote workers safe with flexible personal devices and alarms to mitigate risk and reduce WHS claims. Simple and low cost set up, and ensures fast response times in the case of emergency.

Case Study

Nigel Wright - Managing Director

"When we looked at driving statistics we found that even our most reliable drivers could find themselves zooming down a country road without realising it. mTrax helps those drivers."

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In a complex world, mTrax keeps your business, fleet and assets on track with our fully-featured, low-cost tracking and routing solutions. Keeping track of your assets, fleet and people is crucial for business efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.