Route Planning

Improve scheduling efficiency with less time and effort

mTrax Pathfinder is the ultimate route planning application. Developed in Australia, it is used by operators of large and small fleets to massively reduce scheduling time (from hours to minutes), providing cost savings and facilitating redeployment of human resources. In addition, better route planning means more efficient delivery schedules, reduced down-time and more jobs per vehicle per day.

  • Optimised routing for maximum efficiency
  • Track progress against schedule
  • Automated route planning process
  • Customised choice of optimization factors
  • Utilise route-based load sequencing
  • Adjust routes as needed via drag & drop solution editor
  • Reduce distance, fuel usage and improve run times
  • Advise customers of revised arrival times with SMS
  • Slash time spent route planning and re-planning to improve productivity
  • Tailored parameters means accurate optimisation for your business
  • Increase profits with off-loading leading to more jobs per day
  • React to changing needs rapidly to optimize resources and invoicing

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In a complex world, mTrax keeps your business, fleet and assets on track with our fully-featured, low-cost tracking and routing solutions. Keeping track of your assets, fleet and people is crucial for business efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.​