Electronic Work Diary

The First and Only Compliant Electronic Work Diary approved by the NHVR

Looking for an alternative to the written work diary? We now provide Australia's leading EWD to assist heavy vehicle drivers in recording their work and rest hours. Using paperless compliance and simplified record keeping, our EWD is designed to increase efficiency and minimise penalties in accordance to NHVR standards.

For instance, drivers are now able to log into the EWD application from their phone and avoid spending time checking written work records on the side of the road. In addition to this, the driver will get a live status to check their fatigue levels and ensure they are safely able to manage their fatigue on the road.

Electronic Work Diary FAQs

We’ve created a series of frequently asked questions for those wanting to learn more about the Electronic Work Diary.

Visit our frequently asked questions here. If you’d like to have a custom quote or to speak to our sales team, please complete our form on the contact us page.

Electronic Work Diary - mTrax
  • Simple & Intuitive EWD design
  • Reduces Driver Infringements
  • Simplifies Chain of Responsibility
  • Sends Notifications & Alerts to Drivers
  • Automatic Investigations
  • 3 Year Cloud Record Storage
  • Chain Of Responsibility Automation
  • Reporting for Record Keeper.
  • Reduce Logbook management.
  • No More paper & Files
  • Notifications to driver for fatigue rule time
  • Visibility of time left driving.
Electronic work diary long haul driving

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