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The reputation of your business is a valuable asset. You and your business are responsible for both the safety of your drivers, as well as other road users. When you have people and vehicles out on the road, what they do reflects directly on you and your business. Protect your reputation by monitoring and correcting poor driver behaviour. Better driving means reduced fuel and maintenance costs, and safer driving means fewer accidents and lower insurance premiums. Further, you can improve safety and compliance with alerts for scheduled maintenance, vehicle registration and driver licenses. Get peace of mind when you can’t see what’s happening out on the road.

mTrax system for compliance and safety
  • Highly flexible affordable monitoring
  • Monitor with or without vehicles
  • Identify driver behaviour in real-time
  • Automated compliance renewal alerts
  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance alerts


  • Multiple sensors available to enable customised monitoring options
  • Understand the movements of vehicles, drivers and on-site workers
  • Record staff attendance and timekeeping to uphold required standards
  • Track speeding, harsh acceleration and braking to promote safe driving
  • Vehicle registration and driver license renewal alerts to stay compliant
  • Reduce breakdowns, excess movements and non-routine maintenance
Car speeding due to driver behaviour

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In a complex world, mTrax keeps your business, fleet and assets on track with our fully-featured, low-cost tracking and routing solutions. Keeping track of your assets, fleet and people is crucial for business efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.