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Stay one step ahead with real-time location data with asset tracking

When it comes to your fleet, time is money. Ensure compliance with planned routes and excess waiting time to increase efficiency across your entire fleet while saving on fuel costs by installing GPS asset tracking technology. Automated tracking reduces manual administration (and errors) and improves flexibility and response times. Improve compliance with safety regulations by identifying and correcting poor driver behaviour. Regulatory bodies require full compliance with rules around safe driving and fatigue management, and GPS tracking technology puts accurate information in your hands. And with our new progressions onboarding app, you can achieve all of the above and more!

Asset tracking compliane
  • Real-time vehicle location data
  • Set alerts for multiple Geo-zones
  • Access up to 7 years of movement reports
  • Identify excess waiting time
  • Access reports on driver behaviour
  • Automatic driver ID and crew record history
  • Improve flexibility, response times and jobs per vehicle per day
  • Eliminate non-compliance on route and location rules
  • Provide proof of activity to settle disputes in your favour
  • Gain additional revenue by invoicing for demurrage and lost time
  • Reduce fuel bills, undue maintenance and risk of accident or injury
  • Reduced administration for timesheets and reliable personnel location
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In a complex world, mTrax keeps your business, fleet and assets on track with our fully-featured, low-cost tracking and routing solutions. Keeping track of your assets, fleet and people is crucial for business efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.