Announcing Progressions Onboard

Arvia is delighted to announce that, for the first time, our mobile application Progressions Onboard, used by drivers to manage their tasks (Delivery and Pickup) on their current route is now available on the Apple App Store for use on Apple iPhone and iPad devices. Both the IOS and Android platform versions are available on the Play Store and App Store.

The new version also has some significant changes, some of which were inspired by customer suggestions.


The key changes include:

  • The Sign On Glass page now has (optional) inputs for the customer to indicate
  • Acceptance of delivered goods condition (user definable text for the input),
  • The temperature of food products at the time of delivery and how much (if any) cash payment has been given to the driver.
  • Each of the (above) three inputs can be set to be:
    • Off – do not display that particular input
    • Optional – the input is displayed but use of it by the driver is optional
    •  Required – the input is displayed and the job cannot be finalised until valid input has been made.
  • “Save Delivery Location”. Requested by a customer this feature on the Finalise Job page allows the driver to save their current location as the best place to park for delivery to a particular customer. This is particularly helpful in large shopping complexes that have multiple entry points and multiple parking areas.
  •  Also on the Finalise Job page, the driver can take multiple photos of the delivered products.
  •  Another recent addition is the “Map” page that displays on a map, the location, delivery order and delivery status of all jobs on the route. This simple feature was suggested by a customer and allows the driver to get a quick view of their route.
  •  When a driver records a rest stop on Progressions Onboard the details of the rest stop are now inserted into the Progressions job list and the timing of the remaining tasks recalculated.

To match these new features in the Progressions Onboard mobile application, the Progressions browser interface allows the user to select a job and see the recorded signatures, photos and other information recorded using the new features.

  • The Progressions job summary now displays Sign On Glass signatures and proof of delivery photographs taken by the driver.
  • The new History view allows the user to review historical jobs, searching by driver, date/vehicle, location name, signer etc to see:
  • Status of jobs for the same customer over a selected period of time, lookup
  • View the status of a specific job including signatures and POD images
  • Print a delivery report (PDF) for a specific job including signatures and POD images. This report is suitable to send to the customer

So what’s next?

There are a variety of items on the road map but the key feature of the next release of Progressions Onboard will be the ability to operate (most features) independently of GPS tracking in the vehicle and can be used as a completely stand alone program.
When will it come? Sooner than you probably think.

To download the app on the Apple Store click here.

To download the app on the Google Play store click here.


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