New waterproof asset trackers

We’re excited to announce two new ruggedised, waterproof asset trackers that allow you to keep exposed assets under watch for up to four years. Ideal for trailers and mobile unattended equipment like heavy construction vehicles or road side equipment the Oyster and Remora trackers provide very long life operation.
These trackers are a good option to use in contractor vehicles or temporary fleet vehicles with no permanent tracker installed.
Features include:
– Low Cost
– No costly installUp to 4 years once daily location
– Up to 1 year detailed tracking
– 4G Network
– IP67 waterproof and dust proof
– SMS/Email Warning when the batteries need swapping
– SMS/Email Notification when the asset moves out of hours
– Automatic replacement battery supply (optional service)
– Power with off-the-shelf, replaceable Lithium AA batteries
– No install required, simply place and trace
– Integrated accelerometer for adaptive tracking rates
– Switch from ‘locate’ to ‘track’ over the air
To learn more about pricing please feel free to give me a call. Available for immediate shipping.

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